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27 octobre 2011 4 27 /10 /octobre /2011 23:22


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Yesterday,  Lady Fantasque (a friend of mine who is an ex-Art teacher) published an easy method to draw an owl. I asked her for the permission to translate her article into English for my dear pupils and visitors. Here is what she writes :


Here is an easy method to draw* an owl. You only need to know how to draw a circle and curved lines* with a pair of compasses*.

Be careful: the body must be twice (= 2x) as high as the height* of the head

(so if the head is 3 cm high, the body must be 6 cm high).


Then, you can colour your drawing, use it to cut into paper or fabric*, or embroider* it onto a cushion*.




Vocabulary : draw = dessiner ; curved lines = lignes courbes ; a pair of compasses = un compas ; height = hauteur ; fabric = tissu ; embroider = broder ; a cushion (prononcer : kousheun) = coussin.





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Cathdragon 28/10/2011 18:32

and the drake ????? bisous heu pardon kiss cath

classroom208 28/10/2011 18:42

Do you know an easy way to draw a dragon? I don't !

Lady Fantasque 28/10/2011 10:30

Thank you for loving my whimsical blog !

classroom208 28/10/2011 10:33

Thanks for visiting my English blog!

libelluledunord 28/10/2011 08:05

Thank you very much. Now, it's too easy to draw an owl. And, I can say "broder" and "tissu" in english. I was in the dark (is it correct ?) about fabric and embroider ... .

classroom208 28/10/2011 09:20

You're learning very fast! You'll get an A+, you're a very serious student.


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