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5 décembre 2018 3 05 /12 /décembre /2018 11:12

Here is an app to help you revise your verbs. Enjoy!

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9 juillet 2017 7 09 /07 /juillet /2017 10:24
MAKE or DO ?

I saw a game created by Mike Astbury about "MAKE" and "DO" on his blog, I found it interesting, so I decided to created a "LearningApp" exercise to work on this subject. Have fun!

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20 juin 2017 2 20 /06 /juin /2017 09:51

I hope U remember : we spoke about SMS language in class.

IMO, UR going to like this  






(I found this picture on the internet)

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24 avril 2017 1 24 /04 /avril /2017 14:34

Here are vocabulary games to help you revise your vocabulary.

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2 février 2017 4 02 /02 /février /2017 18:26

Here are the songs I spoke about, today, in class, with the 6°2.

U2 : With or without you.

The same song, with the lyrics.

Queen : "Bicycle race".

And finally, Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall.

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23 janvier 2017 1 23 /01 /janvier /2017 00:51
GRAMMAR GAMES - jeux de grammaire

Voici des jeux pour réviser des points de grammaire qui posent souvent problème.

Les mots de liaison :

Les pronoms sujet :

Les pronoms COMPLEMENT :

Les pronoms interrogatifs en "Wh-"

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22 janvier 2017 7 22 /01 /janvier /2017 11:44

Here are some games to help you revise your irregular verbs. Enjoy!

For this game, there are lot of different questions in the database. Feel free to play several times and be patient... this game takes some time to show the following question (this is what you call "suspense", my dears!)

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20 janvier 2017 5 20 /01 /janvier /2017 14:12

Hello! One of my colleagues created interactive activities about clothes and fashion. She kindly allowed me to share them on the blog.

Here they are :


3 "find the pair" activities: you must match the right word with the corresponding picture:

a "spelling activity": you must write the words correctly under the picture.

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20 janvier 2017 5 20 /01 /janvier /2017 14:07

Hello! I created some activities connected with our new lesson "Book 2, Situation 3 : Go shopping! "


Here they are.

I hope they will help you memorize your words while having fun.

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12 janvier 2017 4 12 /01 /janvier /2017 10:25

Voici la capsule vidéo que je vous ai montrée en classe pour progresser en compréhension orale :

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